About Us

KWM is currently the national leading manufacturer in producing agricultural machineries, equipment and spare parts, including, 400-ton screw presses and hi-tech machines; for example Linear CNC, and robotic welding machines. With our skilled professionals, innovative machineries and high standard manufacturing processes certified by ISO 9001, the quality of products can be warranted. KWM is committed to offer premium quality products at efficient cost with on-time delivery services. With our highly qualified automation R&D engineers and metallurgy experts, KWM is able to offer exceptional and innovative products for both domestic and international market.

KWM’s vision is to become the market leader in manufacturing agricultural machinery in Thailand, through high-technology developed by our professionals.

KWM commits to continuously standardize the quality of the products by developing our people, machineries, procedures, and raw materials to achieve our mission:

  1. Deliver an exceptional service
  2. On-time delivery service
  3. Consistent quality assurance
  4. Cost Efficiency
  5. Strive for excellence
  6. Unite, self-discipline, social responsibility

Offering premium quality product is our commitment to clients as best-in-class manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Thailand.